ANDROMEDA 80 - solid purple mirrorANDROMEDA 80 - solid purple mirror$109.99 SADU CALCUTTA 70 - purple scaleSADU CALCUTTA 70 - purple scale$99.99 VULCAN 60 - purple mirrorVULCAN 60 - purple mirror$79.99
  • If you want to catch a grander marlin, break a world record or win a famous tournament, you've come to the right place. Legend Lures have been producing their lures since 1999, and until recently have been a well-kept secret on professional game-boats in some of the world's hottest fishing locations. Known for their fish-raising ability, Legend Lures are now available to every crew out there, and they will make sure that anyone who wants to catch fish will not go home disappointed.

    Inside this website you will find a host of different baits and other tackle  -  all used by professional and amateur crews on a daily basis. Our products range from lures to hooks, and from the simple to the ingenious. Our patented Hays Handle has been helping anglers and crews worldwide for over 10 years now, and our hooks are probably the strongest commercially available hook you will use. Our 9/0, for example, has been responsible for at least four fish over 1000lbs....

    Our lures cover the whole range of models you would hope to find, and include some the most beautiful USA-handmade baits you can buy. There's also the Pro-Range series, an indestructible, innovative and highly effective selection of heads in both space-age copolymer and chromed aluminium and brass - a collection of real fish-catching baits that have been raising eyebrows and making reels sing for over 7 years. Last but not least, we have the small but highly effective and economical Dawn Patrol series of lures which are based on chromed bullet casings - these things catch fish like you would not believe !

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  • A big Galapagos striped marlin falls 
    to a 16 series Pro-Range Piper