Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Welcome to the new website for Legend Lures !  Here you'll find all the lures we currently offer, plus all the stories and information about them that you have always wanted. At long last you can also BUY any of the lures featured here with just a click of a mouse. Whether it's a world-cup winning ANDROMEDA or a meat-fish catching DAWN PATROL, you'll find them all here !

Saturday, 3 October 2015

    Coolest Wahoo fishing out of Central America that we have done yet!!! As we pull out of the marina just like in the famous Kona Hawaii where I recently worked we throw the dawn patrol spread in the water and on almost every outing we get several strikes on Tuna Mahi Mahi and lots of wahoo!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Montuosa can argue that it may have some of the best marlin fishing in the world because on any given outing you can get a Blue marlin , Black marlin, Stripe marlin and Sail fish in a day!  Today we headed out with the Brown family and on our third hour of the first day on a 3 pound bonita’s got this beautiful Blue Marlin 200 feet of Montousa island 30 miles from Boca Chica Panama last July! “Awesome experience”

Thursday, 24 September 2015

BUILDING A SPENCER - a journey with Capt Danny Ford

Capt Danny's association with Legend Lures goes back to a muggy summer in 1994, when a young Danny came to Madeira to fish with Capt Bart Miller aboard Roddy's boats. Friends ever since then, Danny has been using Legends for a decade now, and as one of Florida's best known and successful private-boat captains, he has been a source of some fine photos over the years. Danny will be providing a travel dialogue later in the season as he fishes the Bahamas and the Caribbean, but for now he's going to concentrate on this page with the documentation of the build of his owner's new vessel, a 74 foot Spencer that is currently under construction. 

COSTA RICA TRIP REPORT - Dave West (Sportfishing Club of GB)


Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Visit our photo gallery below for the latest in big fish, new lures, destinations and personalities from around the world.

MADEIRA 2015 - a review from Capt Frothy de Silva

Reporting from the big game-boat PESCA GROSSA

We have just concluded the 2015 fishing season in Madeira, and without any doubt the summer of 2015 proved to be the best for many years.  Even though this season could not quite rival the amazing fishing of the mid-1990's it was still one heck of a good year for Madeira with good runs of the giant blue marlin that the island's waters are world-renowned for. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

MR TRIGGER SPORTFISHING - Jason Coffrin reports from central Amerca

Mr Trigger SportFishing had an amazing opportunity recently to write a few pages in Tuna Coast Magazine ! We wrote about sport-fishing in Panama, targeting mahi-mahi (aka dorado). Below is the cover of the magazine which is published out of Panama City. Most of our mahi-mahi have been caught on our newest editions to the lure stack, the Dawn Patrols with the amazing blue head in the .44 calibre - they drive the mahi wild!!

Monday, 21 September 2015



 “What’s in a name?” And the literary buffs amongst you will recognised that as that oft-quoted line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. So should it just be Swordfish, or Broadbill Swordfish? Or resorting to scientific nomenclature Xiphias gladius or perhaps more descriptively, the term penned by Zane Grey - his ‘Gladiator of the Sea’?

Saturday, 22 September 2007


When one spends a lot of time at sea over a multitude of years and seasons, it is easy to become blasé about what one sees and what one does.  Included among the memories of good and bad times, of ferocious weather and rosy golden sunsets, are those moments filled with fish and cetaceans.  Some are memorable, some are frightening and some are purely pleasurable, but all of them are moments to reminisce over as one gets older.  Here’s two special memories from my travels.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Originally written for New Zealand Fishing News,  2007

It’s the middle of the marlin season up here in the Bay of Islands, and one of the commonest problems I’ve been encountering from friends and customers is the perennial one of lure selection.  Everyone has their favourites, and it’s been a revelation seeing how the local experts react to some of the lures I have shown them from around the world. It’s also been different listening to how Kiwi anglers make their choices.

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Originally written for New Zealand Fishing News, 2007
As the new game-fishing season approaches, many people who own their own trailer boats have been asking me for advice on rigging them for the battles to come, and let’s be frank  -  big-game fishing from small boats is an exciting and addictive past-time.  The ability to be your own captain, use your own tackle, raise and hook large fish from a small platform and then subdue them successfully are but some of the ingredients of the sport that its practitioners vehemently support.  The fact that much of the end game is dangerous, that the playing field is often a difficult surface and that the members of the opposing team are quite capable of pulling you down to Davey Jones’s lockers is just the icing on the cake for many testosterone-filled junkies. 

Monday, 22 September 2003


Sunday's fishing (March 30th, 2003):
The day unfolds with no hint of what is to come. Jason has a day off so it's just me and Olaf and the same three anglers as yesterday. We head for GOD'S WILL at 9.00 to fuel up, and the guys catch some black jacks from under the boat as we do so. We head offshore at 9.30 and have barely finished putting the spread out at 9.50 when the left long goes down and a 25lb wahoo comes into the boat. Jay is the angler and has achieved one of his Ascension goals. He is very happy, and so am I..........because I love wahoo !! The weather is very pleasant with a little 3 foot chop. Lots of flying fish. We head steadily SW to the plateau.

Wednesday, 16 May 2001

THE MADEIRA DIARIES - Aug 1992; Keith's fish

Wednesday, 26th August. Ricky says he is ill with a split toe (really ?), so I head out to sea with the five clients at 9.40am. It is their fourth day and we have had two fish already. They seem to be very competent people and I'm hopeful we can manage without a deckhand. Beyond the drop-off I slow the MARGARITA, put the spread out and relax. The weather is hazy with a slow, long, oily swell from the west ; water 72.6°. Jonno is inshore with ANGUILLA, unhappily day-tripping for barracudas along the coast.

Saturday, 3 April 1993

THE MADEIRA DIARIES - April 1993; the $60 swordfish

     A little bit of local angling history was made off Madeira last April Fool's day. On a hot, flat calm morning, the local population of blue shark seemed headed for an eventful day as Capts. Roddy Hays and Jonathan Nicholas headed offshore for a six hour trip with some tourists from one of Madeira's plush hotels. With four neophyte bluewater anglers aboard and Capt. Anibal Fernandes in the cockpit, MARGARITA headed out to sea bristling with shark rods in the rocket launcher and a tank of large live mackerel happy in the corner.