Thursday 26 November 2015

DAWN PATROL 22-250 Wigglas


The 22-250 is the smallest Dawn Patrol, just 1.5" long, but can still take a decent hook for light to medium size tackle. Available from both our European base here and our USA base here, these little lures provide a very effective lure for those moments when fish are fixated on small bait; something that tuna, in particular, are apt to do. We doubt if there is any other lure on market with this capability.

Based on a 22-250 cartridge, these lures will swim and wiggle up to high speeds in excess of 15 knots, and make an excellent casting lure for light tackle. They're pretty much indestructible and provide a good bait for toothy critturs that typically destroy tackle. Our advice is to rig them with a loop to the hook so the hook can 'jingle' in the back of the lure. Also great for daisy chains and bars. The commercial kingfish fleet in Key West really put these lures through their paces during testing two years ago and found them highly effective on all sorts of mackerels and tunas.

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