Thursday 24 September 2015

BUILDING A SPENCER - a journey with Capt Danny Ford

Capt Danny's association with Legend Lures goes back to a muggy summer in 1994, when a young Danny came to Madeira to fish with Capt Bart Miller aboard Roddy's boats. Friends ever since then, Danny has been using Legends for a decade now, and as one of Florida's best known and successful private-boat captains, he has been a source of some fine photos over the years. Danny will be providing a travel dialogue later in the season as he fishes the Bahamas and the Caribbean, but for now he's going to concentrate on this page with the documentation of the build of his owner's new vessel, a 74 foot Spencer that is currently under construction. 

COSTA RICA TRIP REPORT - Dave West (Sportfishing Club of GB)


Wednesday 23 September 2015


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MADEIRA 2015 - a review from Capt Frothy de Silva

Reporting from the big game-boat PESCA GROSSA

We have just concluded the 2015 fishing season in Madeira, and without any doubt the summer of 2015 proved to be the best for many years.  Even though this season could not quite rival the amazing fishing of the mid-1990's it was still one heck of a good year for Madeira with good runs of the giant blue marlin that the island's waters are world-renowned for. 

Tuesday 22 September 2015

MR TRIGGER SPORTFISHING - Jason Coffrin reports from central Amerca

Mr Trigger SportFishing had an amazing opportunity recently to write a few pages in Tuna Coast Magazine ! We wrote about sport-fishing in Panama, targeting mahi-mahi (aka dorado). Below is the cover of the magazine which is published out of Panama City. Most of our mahi-mahi have been caught on our newest editions to the lure stack, the Dawn Patrols with the amazing blue head in the .44 calibre - they drive the mahi wild!!