Tuesday 1 December 2015


Welcome to the new website for Legend Lures !  Here you'll find all the lures we currently offer, plus all the stories and information about them that you have always wanted. At long last you can also BUY any of the lures featured here with just a click of a mouse. Whether it's a world-cup winning ANDROMEDA or a meat-fish catching DAWN PATROL, you'll find them all here !

We also have several new pages including a gallery of PHOTOS, a section of ARTICLES of all things fishing, a return to our old style CONTRIBUTORS, who will report on where they are and what they've been catching around the word, and a few more surprises along the way. We're also happy to say that Capt Roddy has finally agreed to let loose the MADEIRA DIARIES and  tell all the story of this island and its explosive entry into the big blue marlin world from the mid 1990's. SUBSCRIBE to make sure you don't miss a new entry as Roddy goes through his logs of huge fish and calm seas - a journey into six years of tall stories and a glimpse into a fishery that changed the face of sportfishing almost overnight.

Capt Roddy's wanderings over the years have taken him from the Atlantic to the Pacific, with stops along the way in a bunch of different places, including Madeira, the Canaries, the Azores, Midway, the Caribbean, Florida, Ascension, Bermuda, Cape Point, Kenya, and a host of points in between. With a stack of granders under his belt and a locker full of tales of black smoke and white water, you'll find something here to take your fancy. Roddy brings thousands of hours of hard-won experience to the design and production of his lures and tackle, and as a result, he's happy to say all of his products have been successful in every ocean, catching several world records and1000lb fish along the way, and also winning plenty of tournament money for some big name boats !

LEGEND LURES has been selling a variety of big-game lures and other tackle since 1999. 

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  1. We lost a certain legend lure to a huge blue yesterday. . But it was especially made for us years ago. We went to a guys house n he made it when legends first arrived. . . IS THERE ANYONE IN AUCKLAND THAT CAN REMAKE THIS LURE EXACTLY. . . we need more asap